Hello World to get reacquainted.

This project is maintained by biscaboy


This is a new Hello World file.

So I’ve been away from GitHub for a couple of years and I’m a bit rusty.

So I wanted to practice more with GitHub Deskstop so I added this line and will push it back to the server.

Here’s another addition. Want to check it out with Git… maybe.

Here’s an edit on the bash command line with vi. Woot.

This is a comment made in the david-hello branch.

So I’m doing another commit in davids-hello branch. Part Deux!

Here are some git notes:

532 git branch davids-hello master

537 git checkout davids-hello

538 git branch

539 vi README.md

540 git push

541 git push –set-upstream origin davids-hello

542 git

543 git add *

544 git status

545 git commit

546 git pull

551 git checkout master

555 git merge davids-hello

556 git history

557 git push origin remote

558 git push

559 git checkout davids-hello

560 vi README.md

562 git add *

563 git status

564 git commit

565 git push

569 git diff master davids-hello

571 git merge master davids-hello

572 git checkout master

574 git merge master davids-hello

575 git push

578 git branch -d davids-hello

582 git push origin :davids-hello

Just a note on setting up remote origin… do it like this if you haven’t cloned it:

git remote add origin git@github.com:YOURNAME/GitSharp.git